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Boaters: Prep for Harsh Winter

October 11th, 2013 | Posted by jennifer in Boating & Fishing News - (Comments Off on Boaters: Prep for Harsh Winter)


Prep for Harsh Winter

It’s impossible to predict exactly what the winter weather will bring to your part of the world, but Ironwood Pacific Outdoors has consulted a tried-and-true source for information about the 2013-14 forecast. The Farmers’ Almanac has been predicting weather patterns every year since 1818. The Almanac has long been a trusted source for long-range weather predictions (for both the US and Canada), and a publisher of articles, calendars, and information on everything, from the best days to fish to when to take vacations.

Harsh Winter Ahead for Boaters

Harsh Winter Ahead for Boaters

Farmers’ Almanac Long Range Forecast

This year, the Almanac says better be prepared because most of the U.S. will experience frigid temps. In fact, the Almanac’s prediction is that 2/3 of the U.S. will have a frigid winter.  The 2014 Long Range Winter Forecast on the Almanac’s website states:

Significant snowfalls are forecast for parts of every zone. Over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, we are “red-flagging” the first ten days of February for possible heavy winter weather.

The only exception to the cooling trend is the Pacific Northwest, which may experience less rain.

Boating Supplies for Winterizing

For those of you with boats, this could be an alarm bell to get better prepared. Whether you are planning a winter fishing trip or need to get your boat cover up to speed by repairing it, then it’s good to know what you are up against.

Ironwood Pacific sells a few tools that may come in handy for your boat or camper. The IPO easy-to-use canvas snap tools are designed to help you maintain and replace the snaps on your boat canvas — virtually eliminating the need to go to your local canvas shop for repairs. While the canvas snap tools are designed to hold up to tough marine conditions, they are also helpful for campers with pop-up tent trailers, as well as people using canvas and vinyl covers for pick-up beds and storage trailer. The tools can be indispensable.

Canvas Care for Boaters

Canvas Care for Boaters

Fishing Predictions

You may also want to check the Almanac’s fishing calendar and tidal charts to plan your fall and winter outings. Obviously, there’s nothing more accurate than hitting the water when the fish are biting, but any kind of tool that may give you a leg up in your boating and fishing excursions can add confidence to your cast.

Fishing Access, Counts Subject to Government Shutdown

October 3rd, 2013 | Posted by jennifer in General Boating Interest - (Comments Off on Fishing Access, Counts Subject to Government Shutdown)

Fishing Access, Counts Subject to Government Shutdown

As a consequence of Congress’s budget stalemate, fishing is being affected by the government shutdown this week. Along with museums and the National Zoo, national parks are closed, too. On the road to access Grand Canyon National Park, a sign informs visitors: “Glen Canyon N. R.A. Closed Due to Lack of Appropriations. Sorry for the Inconvenience.” A barricade stops visitors from their fishing trips down the Colorado River, and several news outlets have reported many are waiting out the shutdown by camping near the Lee’s Ferry access point. Many of those visitors may simply shrug it off, but some may not, especially when permits to take trips down the river run in the hundreds of dollars.

Fish Counts

Fish counts are being delayed because of the government shutdown.


Not all public access is blocked

Some forest roads are accessible for boating and hiking, and the same is true for millions of acres of land managed by the Bureau of Land Management. But visitors are being cautioned to take care if they travel to public forest lands and know beforehand if access is allowed, at least while the cogs of Washington slowly turn.

In the midst of salmon fishing season in Oregon and Washington, the shutdown is affecting the turnaround time of fish counts. The usual daily reports were issued late this week, after the shutdown began on Tuesday. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife posted the counts late on a new website with this phrase in the domain name: …/Government_Shutdown_Fish_Counts/. There’s a first for everything.

The editor of Northwest Sportsman complained about the delay, stating online: “Dearest President & Congress: The shutdown has gone on long enough, but let’s get the government going again — two days without Columbia fish counts is killing me!” We couldn’t agree more.


Fall Fishing Just Around the Corner

August 28th, 2013 | Posted by jennifer in Boating & Fishing News | General Boating Interest - (Comments Off on Fall Fishing Just Around the Corner)

Fall Fishing Just Around the Corner

Labor Day may mean the end of summer, but it also marks the beginning of the fall fishing season. Soon, temperatures will cool. Leaves will change. Fish will bite!

Nothing beats a night fish in the Finger Lakes region. Or a crappy line in the Midwest. Or cruising at trolling plate speed down a Pacific Northwest river.

Fall Fishing on Golden Water

Fall Fishing on Golden Water

Pacific Northwest Fishing Ideas

September through December is the best time for Fall Chinook salmon on the Columbia River and many of its tributaries, as well as many coastal rivers, such as the Trask, Rogue, Wilson, Nehalem, Nestucca, Siletz and Salmon Rivers, to name just a few. And don’t forget the always popular Buoy 10 at the mouth of the Columbia.

If you want to try your hand at bigger catch, fish for sturgeon on the Columbia, Rogue or Willamette rivers in Oregon. In fact, the Columbia River system has the largest sturgeon population in North America.  And, depending on where you fish, you can catch sturgeon all year long. Sturgeon are the biggest freshwater fish in North America, growing up to 12 feet in length and weighing up to 450 lbs., though the “keeper” range is 42 to 60 inches. Needless to say, these big fellas are great fighters and will test your strength.

Winter Steelhead (another great fighter) begin showing up in coastal rivers in November and the season is in full swing by Christmas as they head into the Clackamas, Sandy, and other inland rivers. And if you’re heading to the coast, fall is a great time to go crabbing in the bays and estuaries, where crabs can be abundant. And mighty tasty! Toss in a ring and catch a few. But watch those claws. They can really smart.

Whether you’re  fishing from a river or stream bank or cruising with your trolling plate, the opportunities for great outdoor fall adventures are at hand. But they won’t last long.

Pacific Northwest Fall Fishing Resources

  • Southern Oregon Fishing – visit our friend Steven Theel’s blog for fishing reports and excellent tips on fishing in Southern Oregon.
  • Fishing the Rogue– visit Charlie Brown for guided trips on the Rogue River where you can find salmon and steelhead year round.